Sheddy Mary Cocktail

The Shed BBQ Recipe

Fill pint glass with ice.
add 1 1/4 ounce of your favorite vodka
1 tablespoon of Beef Blaster Marinade
1 teaspoon Spicy Southern Sweet ShedSpred
1 tablespoon of cajun pickled vegetables juice, olive juice works too.
1 tablespoon beer
1-2 pinches of cayenne powder.
1 pinch of Rene’s Gulf Coast Season-All
1 pinch sea salt
1-4 splashes of Crystals Hot Sauce, if you are brave try 10 splashes.
1 generous splash worcestershire sauce
1 wedge squeezed lemon, lime and orange (each)
top with the Hair of the Dog Bloody Mary mix

Pour into shaker, then shake vigorously. Rim glass with Rene’s Gulf Coast Season All. Pour in glass, garnish with your choice of pickled fruits and vegetables.